Ghetto of My Mind

In the heat of L.A., Firenze or Paris, where the tourists run all around the Eiffel Tower. Everywhere it's time to celebrate the summer.

It's also the time for us to celebrate the return of our delicious San Fran lady, Sus.
She's back and it's a dazzling pleasure to listen her new selection of shaking tunes. Below you can listen/download the complete series. Enjoy it and welcome home, dear Sus! :)

Ghetto of My Mind    [download]

01. Gabor Szabor - San Francisco Nights
02. Jean Yanne & Michel Magne - Jesus San Francisco
03. Expo 80 - Rolling Space
04. Janko Nilovic - Sacha Pacha
05. Doris - You Never Come Closer
06. Serge Gainsbourg - La Horse
07. Bernard Estardy - Cha Tatch Ka
08. Bama - Ghettos Of The Mind
09. The Peppers - Hot Caramel
10. Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Orbite
11. Folk Swingers - Paint It Black
12. German Cast of Haare - Wo Geh Ich Hin
13. Ymac Sumac - Let Me Hear You
14. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Bolero
15. J Rocc - Chasing the Sun
16. The Cyrkle - The Visit (She Was Here)
17. Neil Richardson - The Riviera Affair
18. MF Doom - Butter King Jewels
19. Yan Tregger - Be Quite
20. J Rocc - Stay Fresh
21. El-P - Fantastic Damage

The Sus Mixtape's [Collect them all!!]


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